Ian Lloyd KC

Barrister - Trust Chambers

1977 – 1979
Self-employed at the Sydney Bar with a general practice in the areas of commercial law, common law, family law and crime. During this period I successfully defended Australia’s largest fraud case to that time (the Barton Case). Appearances in courts at all levels from the Magistracy to the High Court of Australia.
1980 – 1986
Employed as Senior Crown Counsel for and Consultant to the Hong Kong Government prosecuting serious criminal matters, including homicides, complex frauds, securities regulation and ICAC corruption offences. I frequently appeared in all tiers of Hong Kong’s appeal courts.
1987 – 1988
In private practice at the Hong Kong Bar prosecuting (on fiat) and defending major fraud and corruption cases. Between 1986 and 1988 the complex fraud cases prosecuted by me as lead counsel for the Hong Kong Government (both for ICAC and CCB) included the O.T.B. Case, the Hang Lung Bank Case, the American & Panama Finance case, and the Dollar Credit Case.
1989 – 1995
NSW Senior Crown Prosecutor prosecuting all types of criminal indictable matters dealt with by the NSW DPP including many large scale fraud and corruption cases. At the time of my departure from the Crown Prosecutors Chambers, I held the position of Senior Crown Prosecutor for NSW and had responsibility for supervising the work of some 75 Crown Prosecutors. I frequently appeared for the Crown before the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal.
I was seconded from the Crown Prosecutors chambers to work as the first General Counsel for the newly formed NSW Independent Commission against Corruption (‘ICAC’).
1994 – 1995
At the request of Michael Kirby OAM, High Court Justice, I took a year’s leave of absence from the NSW Crown Prosecutors Chambers to work in Cambodia with the United Nations, training Cambodian judges and prosecutors.
1995 – Present
Private practice at the Hong Kong and NSW Bars, specialising in all areas of crime and planning Law in Hong Kong and the large variety of criminal work in NSW and all areas of work within the jurisdiction of the NSW Land & Environment Court, including the prosecution and defence of many high profile pollution cases. I frequently appear in the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal.
Academic Experience
1977 – 1979
Part time lecturer in Family Law and Succession at the NSW University of Technology
1980 – 1988
Part time lecturer in Business Law in the MBA Programme at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
1980 – 1982
Part time lecturer in Banking Law at the Hong Kong Polytechnic
2008 – 2010
Part time lecturer in Criminal Law at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney

Areas of Expertise

  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal (Environmental)

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Liam R

Liam R Happy Clients

Happy Clients

We have used Daniel and his team for multiple matters on various cases ranging from simple matters handled quickly and efficiently, to complex high value matters where we have secured wins that would be considered unimaginable for regular people. I cannot recommend the firm enough for anyone seeking to work with an elite practitioner who is at the top of his game.

Lian William

Lian William Happy Clients

Happy Clients

Daniel helped me with my case, he has shown his professionalism and effort in representing me. He put great effort in my case, and helped me achieve a satisfying goal.

James Hanna

James Hanna Happy Clients

Happy Clients

Daniel Wakim and his team are the most professional and concise legal team and I have employed.

I had the pleasure of working with Daniel Wakim as my lawyer, and I am extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism and expertise he brought to my case. From the initial consultation to the resolution, Mr. Wakim demonstrated a deep understanding of the legal intricacies involved and provided invaluable guidance every step of the way.

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Gartree Thomson Lawyers

Gartree Thomson Lawyers Special Counsel

Special Counsel
Daniel Wakim joined Gartree Thomson Lawyers as Special Counsel and has assisted us with criminal law matters and consultancy. He has always been accessible to answer and guide our civil litigators with respect to criminal law issues that may arise from corporate or civil litigations in turn assisting with respect to strategic development of legal advice.
Longton Legal Special Counsel logo

Longton Legal

Longton Legal Special Counsel logo

Longton Legal Special Counsel

Special Counsel

Daniel Wakim has been working with Longton Legal over the past 10 years and has assisted our practice with respect our criminal law client base taking an advisory and consultancy role with Longton Legal as Special Counsel. He criminal law knowledge and strategy development is first class.

Madison Marcus logo | Special Counsel

Madison Marcus

Madison Marcus logo | Special Counsel

Madison Marcus Special Councel

Special Councel
Daniel Wakim first began working with Madison Marcus as Special Counsel focusing on managing our criminal law matters, he was able to achieve great results and success and assisted us launch our own associated criminal law firm, Jackson John. Daniel continues to work with and assist Madison Marcus and Jackson John as Special Counsel.

HP legal

HP Legal Special Counsel

Special Counsel
Daniel Wakim joined HP Legal as Special Counsel managing extremely sensitive and complex legal matters. He has been able to achieve outstanding results for our clients and continues to consult us with respect to criminal law matters.