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Welcome to Daniel Wakim Law Firm, a leading source of legal expertise in Sydney. Conveniently accessible for clients, our firm is dedicated to offering top-tier legal assistance. Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of Sydney’s legal landscape, ensuring tailored and effective legal solutions for every client.

In Sydney CBD we provide services at:
Downing Centre – 4/143-147 Liverpool St, Sydney NSW 2000
Supreme Court of New South Wales –  184 Phillip St, Sydney NSW 2000

Locations outside of the Sydney CBD can be seen here.

Bespoke Criminal Defence in Sydney

At Daniel Wakim Law Firm, we stand out as a leading provider of criminal defence services in Sydney. Whether facing minor charges or involved in complex legal proceedings, our approach as criminal lawyers in Sydney is to tailor our defence strategies to the unique circumstances of each case. Our intimate knowledge of Sydney’s legal courts, combined with our commitment to our clients, ensures personalised and effective defence solutions.

Expertise in Appeals

Navigating the appeals process demands a sophisticated understanding of legal principles, something our criminal lawyers in Sydney excel in. Our strategic approach to appeals is built on a foundation of thorough research, analysis of legal trends, and an understanding of appellate court nuances, ensuring our clients the best possible representation during the appeal process.

Domestic Violence and AVO Specialists

Handling cases of domestic violence and Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO) with sensitivity and expertise, our criminal lawyers in Sydney offer discreet and compassionate legal services. We understand the importance of protecting our clients’ rights while navigating these delicate issues within the Sydney legal framework.

Regulatory and Disciplinary Matters

Our team’s deep expertise extends to disciplinary and regulatory matters within Sydney’s unique legal environment. As criminal lawyers in Sydney, we provide informed and focused representation for professional misconduct cases, compliance issues, and hearings, ensuring our clients navigate these challenges with confidence.

Advocating for Civil Liberties in Sydney

Daniel Wakim Law Firm is deeply committed to the protection of civil liberties and active participation in public inquiries in Sydney. Our expertise as criminal lawyers in Sydney positions us to offer robust defence and advocacy for individual rights, ensuring voices are heard and rights are protected in the public domain.

Defence Across All Criminal Offences

Our legal defence services cover a wide range of criminal offences, from assault and theft to drug charges and beyond. As your criminal lawyer in Sydney, we’re equipped to defend against any criminal charge, offering strategic and tailored defence plans to ensure the best possible defence for our clients.

The Role of a Criminal Lawyer in Sydney

In the intricate world of criminal law, having a seasoned criminal lawyer in Sydney is indispensable. Our lawyers take on a multifaceted role, offering more than just legal representation. We guide our clients through the entire legal process, from offering initial legal advice and handling negotiations with prosecutors, to advocating fiercely in court. Our commitment lies in ensuring that each client receives personalised and effective legal strategies tailored to their unique situation.

Navigating Common Challenges in Criminal Defence

The path to defending a criminal case is fraught with challenges, including the intricacies of gathering evidence, securing credible witness testimony, and interpreting complex legal statutes. Our criminal lawyers in Sydney are adept at overcoming these hurdles, employing strategic legal approaches that safeguard our clients’ rights and aim for the best possible outcomes.

Why Us? Your Trusted Criminal Lawyer in Sydney

Choosing the right criminal lawyer in Sydney is a decision that can significantly impact the course of your case. At Daniel Wakim Law Firm, we pride ourselves on our track record of success, the depth of our legal expertise, and our unwavering dedication to our clients. Our team’s approach is characterised by thorough preparation, aggressive advocacy, and compassionate support, ensuring that we stand out as the firm of choice for those seeking justice.

FAQs on Criminal Law in Sydney

Our FAQ section is designed to shed light on common queries concerning criminal law in Sydney. From understanding the steps to take following an arrest, to selecting the ideal criminal lawyer for your needs, we provide clear and informative answers. This resource aims to demystify the legal process, making it more accessible to those we serve.

Engaging With Our Firm

Embarking on a legal journey with Daniel Wakim Law Firm begins with a straightforward consultation process. We outline what clients can expect when they choose to work with us, detailing each phase of the legal process. Our promise is one of continuous support, clear communication, and a strategic approach to defence planning that is meticulously crafted around the specifics of your case.

Ready to Stand By Your Side

As your criminal lawyer in Sydney, we are dedicated to navigating the legal landscape with you, offering guidance, support, and robust defence strategies. We invite you to reach out for a consultation, where we can discuss the particulars of your situation and how we can assist in achieving a favourable resolution. Our team is committed to delivering personalised legal representation, ensuring that your rights are protected and your voice is heard.