At Daniel Wakim Law Firm, we provide exceptional criminal defence services in Manly, focusing on a range of criminal matters. Our firm is dedicated to understanding the unique legal needs of the Manly community and delivering customised legal solutions.

We often attend matters at Manly Local Court – 2 Belgrave St, Manly NSW 2095 and other court houses across Sydney. For more details, visit here.

Core Services in Manly

  • Advisory & Consultancy in Manly: Expert legal advice and strategic planning for Manly residents.
  • Criminal Law in Manly: Comprehensive criminal defence services for various cases in Manly.
  • Appeals in Manly: Specialised representation for clients in Manly seeking to appeal court decisions.
  • Domestic Violence & AVO in Manly: Targeted support for domestic violence and AVO cases within Manly’s legal system.
  • Disciplinary & Regulatory Matters in Manly: Professional management of disciplinary and regulatory issues in Manly.
  • Public Inquiries in Manly: Providing in-depth legal support for public inquiries in Manly, ensuring client rights are upheld.
  • Civil Liberties in Manly: Advocacy for the civil liberties and rights of individuals in Manly.

Offences Covered in Manly We handle a range of criminal offences in Manly, including:

  1. Assault and Battery in Manly
  2. Theft and Burglary in Manly
  3. Drug Offences in Manly (possession, trafficking)
  4. Fraud and Financial Crimes in Manly
  5. Sexual Offences in Manly
  6. Homicide and Manslaughter in Manly
  7. Public Order Offences in Manly
  8. Computer and Internet Crimes in Manly
  9. White-Collar and Corporate Crimes in Manly
  10. Juvenile Offences in Manly (Note: This list is not exhaustive; we specialise in a wide range of criminal offences in Manly which can be seen here.)

If you’re facing legal issues in Manly, Daniel Wakim Law Firm is ready to provide you with expert legal defence. Contact us here for assistance. Our team in Manly is committed to defending your rights and achieving favourable outcomes.